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Sergei Soloviev:

The discussion about "Violet = Plutonium" went quite far, but I think
again this guess (that she is a chem) is hardly supported by the text.
The idea that she is an agent of Trivigauntis is not supported either.

"EftLS" ("Lovers"). Chenille calls Orchid via monitor:
"... I need a favor, only there'll be something for you. Maybe a card. 
Maybe more."
"... you see the mort in doss in the next room? She's the Trivigaunti's 
Her name is Siyuf."
"... I got to bet the hoof. Is Violet riding pretty light?"
"... Siyuf likes tall dells, she would've given me five easy.... Violet 
ought to get more
if she soaps her. Tell her to come uphill and play spoons, tell Siyuf 
she's my pal ..."
" Only I get half."

"EftLS" (I'm Auk")
Chenille calls Silk to the "Ermine's".
(Violet told her where Silk and Hyacinth are.)
"... so I talked to Violet some myself (after she was with Siyuf)."
"So it pops out that Trivigauntis caught a flier..."
"Only you didn't know they killed three, did you? Three fliers. That's 
what Siyuf
said, Violet says."
"... Violet figured it might be good to know where this flier was. You know,
something somebody might pay to know."
"... And Violet spilled something about me and Auk, Patera, just making 
she says, with Siyuf. She says as soon as she said Auk's name Siyuf 
wanted to know all
about him. ... Violet think Auk's mixed with this flier somehow, and now 
the Trvigauntis
are looking for him..."

Does it look as if she is an agent of Trivigauntis?  It is just "call 
girl" who
does her work and wants her piece of cake.

Does it look as if she is a chem? To deceive Chenille, Orchid, other girls?
No chems visiting Orchid!

We have again a hotly discussed theory based
on scant evidence. : (

If we look at the Sand's visit to Siyuf:

"a tall and strikingly handsome brunette in a diaphanous gown peered 
out.  (It is Violet.)
'Hi. You want to see Generalissimo Siyuf?'"
"You got it, Plutonium"
"The handsome young woman nodded. 'Close enough, Soldier. I'm Violet."
"Sergeant Sand, pleased."
"Leaning over Violet's shoulder, Hammerstone ponted with a finger thrice 
the size
of hers.
'I don't really read so good', she whispered. 'What's that second word? 
It can't - Sweetheart,
there's a Chenille in here. Is that the Chen we know?"

I would think the chems are not illiterate. Violet calls Hammerstone 
sweetheart -
but it doesn't mean he is a Bio. I think Wolfe merely renders the style of
chat - both of Violet and soldiers.

Later Sand says (about Bison and Mint) : "Colonel Bison's General Mint's 
man. If she
says spit oil, he says how far?" Does it mean that Bison is a chem?? 
Again just
argot (soldiers style).

"As Abanja face faded to gray, Violet murmured, 'I'd help if I could, 
only -'
'Sure, Plutonium.' Slinging his slug gun, Sand stooped, grasped an 
astonished Siyuf about
the waist..."

Sand is able to be sarcastic, ne c'est pas?

I really think that many of the theories we discuss here are
like skyscrapers built on sand

All the best

Sergei Soloviev

Lee Berman wrote:
>> David Stockhoff: Lee's comment suggests to me that, since plutonium is 
>> never otherwise mentioned but may well be the source of chem energy (i.e., 
>> they have nuclear powerplants in the mode of Iron Man's suit), that Sand may be 
>> calling Violet something like "my heart." Whether that is flirty or an 
>> expression of true love I don't know.
> Yes, that's good! Just the track I was onto. I was stuck on plutonium as 
> radioactive fuel, so all I could think of by way of analogy was, "my little chili 
> pepper" or something like that. Plutonium as "my heart" works quite nicely for
> an atomic powered being. 		 	   		  
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