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Thu Nov 10 13:55:47 PST 2011

From: Lee Berman 

> >Thinking about it, I think Gerry is the more right. The noose is the sun 
> >rising behind the sultan's tower.

That’s not what I’m suggesting, exactly.
Imagine dawn in a city of towers of various heights, with a flat desert to the east.  The sun initially lights the tops of the tallest towers, with the light slowly creeping downwards as it rises.
I am imagining the light around the top of such a tower (the turret) as a noose.  And the hunter who casts that noose is the Sun.  He is the Hunter of the East, as is appropriate for the rising sun.  Orion can be in the east, but in other directions too.  I don’t think Orion has any special associations with the east.
Also, the Stone has set the stars to flight.  So what’s Orion doing in this picture?  He should be running away with the other stars, not hunting!

> Could be, I guess. The sun doesn't seem very noose-like to me, while lines
> of stars do. I guess sun=noose seems more likely if you are locked into Venus 
> being the stone which morning flings to chase away the stars. while I still 
> think that sounds more like the sun.

Could be.  But then the Sun couldn’t be the Hunter.  

> As a poet as well as astronomer, wouldn't Kayaam be more likely to think of
> Venus as drawing the stars to her? ;- )      

That’s why he was a poet – he made new metaphors instead of recycling old ones.  Something he has in common with Gene Wolfe!

Gerry Quinn

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