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>> From: James Wynn
>> >   What if Blue is Verthandi and it has over time moved to a more  
>> distant
>> > orbit?
>> Gerry Quinn wrote:
>> Not that I believe a word of this, but why is everyone talking  
>> about Verthandi?  If Blue is somehow a planet of the Solar System  
>> it surely has to be Skuld.  The surface gravity of Verthandi is  
>> only a third of Urth’s, and somebody would have noticed.
> Why? The wakers had never been on Urth. The sleepers arrived at Blue  
> only via the Whorl and then a weightless voyage to on a lander. You  
> would have to affirm that the gravity for the Cargo on the Whorl was  
> the same as that on Urth. There is no evidence either way.

Such a difference in gravity has biological implications.

> Aside from relative position of Blue to Green that makes Verthandi a  
> candidate for Blue in a Green Urth system, there are thematic  
> connections between Blue and Verthandi as well:
> * See Edgar Rice Burrough's "Princess of Mars". (The Whorl is also  
> analogous to Burrough's "Pelucidar".)
> * See Lan Wright's "The Last Hope of the Earth" (colonization of  
> Mars, floating islands of plants, hyacinths, a generation star ship)
>>  Ah, I think you are mistaking the names of Wolfe’s planets.  Vert 
>> handi is Mars, Skuld is Venus, which at least has gravity similar  
>> to Earth.
> Not at all.  Moving Skuld's orbit to outside of Urth's would be  
> problematic in the extreme.
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