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Thu Nov 3 20:27:30 PDT 2011

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>>  On 11/3/2011 4:44 PM, Jerry Friedman wrote:
>>>  Incidentally, there's a possible discrepancy in the theory that 
>>> Pike's  ghost is
>>>  Silk's future astral self. The only description of Oreb's 
>>> astral appearance I
>>>  could find is as a fat bird up to Silkhorn's belt (RttW, Ch. 17). 
>>> The  young Silk
>>>  would hardly call that "Oreb" without further comment. I 
>>> suppose one could
>>>  say that Oreb was big to contain the version of Scylla, and that after 
>>> she  was
>>>  removed from him, he would have looked like his normal self. However, 
> Hoof
>>>  goes along on that expedition, when Cilinia is separate from Oreb, and
>>>  doesn't
>>>  comment on any change in Silk, unless I'm missing something.
>>  We have an explanation for why Oreb did not look like a bird at the time. 
> It
>>  was because he was possessed. Actually, I believe (IIRC, ho ho ho) that the
>>  text explains this.
> The text does not explain that, but it in fact describes how the 'fat 
> bird' split into a bird that looked just like the real Oreb, plus the 
> 'girl'.

Ah, there it is, TrrW, Ch. 17.  So much for my discrepancy.

Jerry Friedman

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