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On 11/3/2011 10:30 AM, Craig Brewer wrote:
> So let's assume that Hy is in fact male/transsexual/altered. What does 
> that mean for Silk and how we interpret him?

There was a lot of push-back at the time that Wolfe would not have a 
"moral exemplar" (that was the term) be married to a transsexual.

Of course, I didn't see a problem with it since I was suggesting Hy was 
a male CHEM. It would be no more sexually "deviant" for Silk to marry a 
retro-fitted male chem than a female chem. Neither are male or female in 
the biological sense (although, I think they are in the spiritual sense).

As pointed out, Silk becomes suicidal after his second enlightening on 
his wedding night. He tells Horn that "there was a taint that came from 
neither Hyacinth or me, but from the act itself.

Of course, if Hy is Fava in dream-travel (plugging my newest theory), 
she is therefore 100% REAL WOMAN. So the taint could not come from Hy in 
that case. But the Rajan warns Hoof that, although the promiscuous 
Jahlee, was a true woman sexual relations between humans and inhumi in 
dream travel are nevertheless wrong.


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