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Mark Millman markjmillman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 15:46:06 PDT 2011

Dear Mr. Scriabin,

On Wednesday 29 June 2011, you wrote:

> This is kind of an odd question!  I recent-
> ly bought a first edition copy of "Free
> Live Free" and it looks like it is signed
> on the title page.  I was wondering if any-
> one had any signed copies of Mr.
> Wolfe's books, or a way to tell if it is ac-
> tually signed by him or not.

If it's the 1984 Mark V. Ziesing edition--a folio, the dustjacket of
which is illustrated with a painting of Candy running through a field
of flowers and which is, I believe, bound in purple cloth--then yes,
it's signed by Wolfe.  All of that edition's copies are; that's one of
its features.  If I recall correctly, the books also are signed by the
contributing artists.

The Ziesing edition is the true first edition.  The Tor edition both
is later and has some changes from the Ziesing.  WolfeWiki
for some reason says, "First published in a limited edition by Legend
in England in 1984", but that's incorrect.  I imagine that the page's
writer confused it with another book.

I hope that this proves helpful.


Mark Millman

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