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At 17:31 23/06/2011, you wrote:
>You know, I actually did read On Blue's Waters, then stopped and 
>went back and read Long Sun before then re-reading Blue and the rest 
>of Short Sun.  It was indeed a very, very strange experience - but 
>hugely enticing.  Unfortunately it took away some of the mystery I 
>think I would have encountered in reading Long Sun if I had had no 
>or little clue what was coming.
>I think John Clute wondered in a review whether jumping right into 
>Wolfe at Blue might be the best way.  I've always wondered the same.

I first read the four books of BotNS in the wrong order, as they 
became available in our local library (I was about 14-15 at the 
time). The later books are so packed with back-references to prior 
events, that I thought by the time I got to SotT there would be 
little to surprise me... how wrong I was!


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