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supposedly, according to an online source, Wolfe had a childhood encounter with polio, but the permanence of that would certiainly be in question with his young career in the military.  Certainly now he walks with a cane in some social settings, but if there is a limp it does not seem ridiculously pronounced from my brief encounters with him in his mid seventies.  I wouldn't say his gait is free of minor ponderance, but I would never say - that fellow clearly has a limp!

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I just finished Peace (which was absolutely wonderful) and am now reading the last half of The Book of the Long Sun.  I noticed when reading Peace, one short sentence in which the narrator references his bad leg, which is dragging behind him.  Of course, Severian is famously lame, and for the larger portion of Long Sun, Patera Silk has a wounded leg that is mentioned several times.  I was wondering what people thought the significance is, and if there were other protagonists in Wolfe novels who are lame.

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