(urth) Neighbours in the Whorl

Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Mon Feb 28 10:43:38 PST 2011

  From: Ashley Crill 

  Reading through RttW last night, and came across this quote by Windcloud at Horn's trial: "I was one of those who boarded your whorl when it neared our sun. In the Whorl, I made the acqaintance of many of your race, and I have known others since, on both the whorls we once called ours."

  This confirms that Neighbors were certainly present on the Whorl, but it doesn't explain the mechanism.

I think they must have got there in a spacecraft of some kind, since they also appear to have infected the Whorl with inhumi. The expression "when it neared our sun" suggests the Whorl had not yet fully arrived in the system.  We know the Neighbours had spacecraft, as they could not have got to Green without them.

- Gerry Quinn
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