(urth) On dream travellers

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 13 14:48:05 PST 2011

Antonio Pedro Marquez wrote:

> I may be mistaken, but if not then Ares was more of a god of the fields, rather than war, before he got syncretised with Mars. (Or was it the reverse?)

I think it was the reverse.

Interestingly, Wolfe says in a interview somewhere that Ares was not
really a war god, but a soldier god. (In the same interview he says
that Aphrodite was not a love goddess but a sex goddess. This is
striking, because Kypris is a title of Aprhrodite, and the Whorl
goddess of that name definitely is a love goddess. One must suppose
that Typhon, not being too well up on mythology, said 'You can be a
love goddess', and she grew into the role.)

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