(urth) First Exodus theory revised

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Sat Feb 12 11:36:06 PST 2011

2011/2/12 António Marques <entonio at gmail.com>:
> On 12 February 2011 14:23, Gerry Quinn <gerryq at indigo.ie> wrote:
>> From: "António Pedro Marques" <entonio at gmail.com>
>>> Gerry Quinn wrote (11-02-2011 14:08):
>>>> From: "António Pedro Marques" <entonio at gmail.com>
>>>>> Gerry Quinn wrote (11-02-2011 14:08):
>>>>>> As for Typhon, if he wanted a child with Kypris he could have had him
>>>>>> born on Urth, and it seems the most obvious thing for him to do!
>>>>> That would be a competitor. We're told he wanted an heir, it doesn't
>>>>> follow that he wanted the heir around.
>>>> Tartarus and Hierax were born on Urth. Clearly he wanted an heir there.
>>> It's not clear, if anything it's 'He didn't seem to mind having them
>>> there'. But that was at an earlier time.
>> You're stretching.
> Not really - I don't see how we can compare Tartaros and Hierax to
> whatever other heir Typhon may have had not by Echidna.

>From another angle: we're told Typhon wanted an heir. We're not told
in what sense he wanted an heir - to be around on Urth or to rule on
One might argue that if any of his children by Echidna were fit, they
could have been sent in the Whorl. Since none were fit, we can't say

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