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          But why would Typhon send an embryo of his son to occupy himself?

          Why not another Piaton, if that's what he plans to do?
        There is no reason to believe the children of Typhon were conceived of Piaton's body, since we don't have a good concept of how long after his ascension such a procedure became necessary, only that it predated the launch of the whorl.  I can't imagine a megalomaniac not switching the testes as well if conception was not done prior to his little body theft. 

My point was not about the testes.  My question was: if we assume that Typhon wanted to possess one or more humans on the colonised planet or planets, why would he do this to an embryo of his own flesh and blood?  

In the case of Piaton, he chose his strongest slave.  Why wouldn't he simply wait and choose the best suited for his purpose among the colonists or sleepers?  Or, indeed, have embryos stored that would be well-suited?  But there's no reason to think that a biological son of his would be ideal.  Indeed, he had evidence (in the forms of Hierax and Tartaros) that it would not.

- Gerry Quinn
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