(urth) Inhumi in the Whorl

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 9 11:07:52 PST 2011

>Gerry Quinn:  but then the Whorl appeared and they thought the humans might fight the 
>inhumi better

I think it is more complex than this.
We could consider BotNS a religious/mythological based story for which the moral is that the
world/universe is more than a battle between good and evil. The battle between good and evil,
angels and demons itself constitutes a necessary part of the Creation process.
Likewise we could consider Short Sun an ecologically based story for which the moral is that
the world/universe is more than a conflict between predator/prey/parasite. The total interaction
of all participating creatures is necessary to drive the ecosystem.
The uakari and the margay do not understand why the Brazilian farmer feels the need to parasitically
cut down the rain forest and destroy their natural habitat and way of life. The Brazilian farmer does 
not understand why Green groups seek to stop them from cutting down the rain forest, taking away their
livlihood and way of life.
The Neighbors are a species of being far beyond that of human beings. Inhumi, in some ways, might
also be considered superior. I get the sense that humans are the low species on the totem pole in
this whole Sun series. Inhumi seem to exploit them at will. Inhumi may be controlled by the
Neighbors, or perhaps there is a see-saw battle like the one between humans and insects.
Either way, the humans of Urth, the Whorl and Blue-Green seem constantly manipulated by beings
who are superior in ability and vision. As the future of the  oblivous uakari and margay of the Amazon 
are jerked around by farmers and Green types, so humanity is jerked around on all their worlds by 
superior beings in the Sun Series.

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