(urth) grumble at wolfe comment made attached to guardianarticle

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last word on Cage...my dad told me about this and here is the Wiki "proof"
Submitted for your amusement


Plagiarism of silence...YES!!!!!


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> Mr. Hamm, honestly, when I wrote that analogy, I KNEW it would pull you from the woodwork. And, yet, it fit.
> I listen to much of his stuff and say, "He seems to know what he's doing. I just don't want to hear him do it."
> Wow, mushroom hunting. What a stereotypical activity to do with John Cage! It's like saying "I fought bulls with Hemmingway" or "I entered a frog jumping competition with Mark Twain."

If he got annoying, could you ask him to sing 4'33" to you?

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