(urth) Anathem (was Round 2 of NPR top 100 sci-fi books of all time

James B. Jordan jbjordan4 at cox.net
Fri Aug 5 09:05:12 PDT 2011

Marc rote:

>  You know, I liked a lot of these but inexplicably I absolutely 
> hated Anathem, i honestly thought it was one of the worst books I 
> ever read, and I liked Snow Crash, Diamond Age, and Cryptonomicon. 
> I was variously bored, apathetic, and just bothered by it.  Can 
> anyone explain why it was so popular?

         It is IMO clearly Harry Potter Book 8. The kids are one year 
older. The setting is different, of course, yet similar, with math 
for magick; and the characters are very similar. Think of it in those 
terms and you might like it better.
         I also thought that it hung together better than The Diamond 
Age, which was messy with things going off in too many directions, 
though the central story was delightful.

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