(urth) Donaldson, Moorcock etc

Sergei SOLOVIEV soloviev at irit.fr
Sun Aug 7 05:20:59 PDT 2011

Dear Jeff,

I didn' t write that the heroes (or anti-heroes) - Covenant and Elric - 
were repulsive to me. I wrote
that the books were (their authors writing style). I don't remember to 
be shocked by the "rape
scene" from Donaldson (I was not a teen), but I remember an intense 
dislike of how the
book was written.

I glanced at the "Elric". I have to admit that this time (after many 
years) my dislike
was much less, I was just bored.

I'll try to explain. There is no doubt that Moorcock is quite an 
erudite. But I don't like
how he uses his erudition. To me it is like a badly done theatric 
background - the pieces
of this and that squeezed into some rough picture.

It is told that Elrik is in some way antagonist to the heroes of 
Tolkien. To Conan, that
you mention, as well.

But Tolkien used his knowledge of history, folklore, languages to create 
what is most impressive in his "Lord of the Rings" is more than 10000 
years of
history subtly influencing the present

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