(urth) Fw: scenes from movie "Death of Doctor Island"

Ryan Dunn ryan at liftingfaces.com
Thu Apr 28 19:04:25 PDT 2011

I think Gerry just signed himself up as VFX Supervisor for the film!!

Love it.



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> Based on the last updates at the website, I believe that the
> postproduction was never completed partly because of the extreme expense
> of the CGI and other manipulations.
> The copious nudity would also help keep it from any TV channels. And the resolution isn't quite crowd-pleasing.
> I think I just saw stills or silent clips before, when it was discussed last year.  In the bit from this clip, they seem to be putting some story background in Ignacio's mouth - probably a reasonable strategy.
> I don't know what the deal with the CGI is.  It seems to me that this story could be done just fine without too much in the way of expensive effects.  The bit where spacetime comes to a point could be changed to something less drastic without hurting the story.  Dr. Island's voice is just audio effects.  Then you just need a crab-like robot (shoot a simple version coming out of the sea, then a static version moving it's arms - or use CGI for this). The nuclear welder is just a standard welder or torch of some kind, overexposed.  All the rest is just folks talking!
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