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Well...Dorcas is a water nymph, and by extension a siren. One issue that 
might be important is that Valeria is, in a sense, Sev's "first 
girlfriend". He meets her before he met Thecla or any of the others.

On 4/18/2011 12:59 PM, DAVID STOCKHOFF wrote:
> I was just looking for commentary on Lolita and found the following brief description of a minor character:
> Valeria -  Humbert’s first wife, whom he married to cure himself of his addiction to nymphets. Humbert finds Valeria intellectually inferior and often bullies her. When he plans to move to America, Valeria leaves him to marry a Russian taxi driver. Valeria and her husband die in California years later.
> I can't imagine Wolfe would appropriate the name Valeria lightly, especially given Severian's attraction to ... well, they aren't nymphets exactly.
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