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Wed Apr 13 16:48:42 PDT 2011

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Bart Everson:
> > well, I am sure that it is my first posting to the list
> > (glad that I am here).


> I think an important example of withholding certain information
> (if not lie) can be found in the end of the "Book of the Short
> Sun" where Horn-Silk is visiting Urth with Jahlee and others,
> and Severian as a boy is helping him to return Scylla (Cilinia) to her
> coffin. There were several meetings with Severian, meeting
> with Gurloes, Triskele etc. It gives some idea what information
> Severian may withhold in the "Book of the New Sun".

This was written years (decades) afterwards, though.  I don't think it can 
really be taken as characterising the general case.

One thing I've noticed on various boards is people confidently asserting 
that Severian is a liar, then clamming up when asked for examples.

He does of course mention minor lies, for example the executioner misleads 
the executee about the details of the ritual, which he suggests is for the 
benefit of the latter, though surely it is in part for the benefit of the 
former too.  But such things hardly make his book unreliable.

- Gerry Quinn

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