(urth) Introduction and Breath

Jerry Friedman jerry_friedman at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 15:41:47 PDT 2011

> From: "soloviev at irit.fr" <soloviev at irit.fr>
> Greetings -
> well, I am sure that it is my first posting to the list
> (glad that I am here).

Hi, Sergei.  Was it partly a mention of Pale Fire that got you to delurk (if 
you're the same Sergei Soloviev I remember from NABOKV-L)?

> I think an important example of withholding certain information
> (if not lie) can be found in the end of the "Book of the Short
> Sun" where Horn-Silk is visiting Urth with Jahlee and others,
> and Severian as a boy is helping him to return Scylla (Cilinia) to her
> coffin. There were several meetings with Severian, meeting
> with Gurloes, Triskele etc. It gives some idea what information
> Severian may withhold in the "Book of the New Sun".

Like Editor B, I'm interested in why people call Severian unreliable.  I find it 
so unlikely that he'd leave out the visits from Horn-Silk (who he thinks is 
Master Malrubius), that I've wondered whether that Severian is in a different 

Editor B, Pale Fire is one of my favorite books too, but when I mention it or 
Nabokov here, no one responds.

Jerry Friedman

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