(urth) Home Fires questions (spoilers)

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Thu Apr 7 11:06:14 PDT 2011

On 4/7/2011 10:21 AM, Alex Carnevale wrote:
> 1) It's pretty much outright said that Mr. Blue is an Os

He may be one of the Os if he's not a loa, or Os and Loas could be the 
same thing.

> 2) Did Mr. Blue kill Zygmont because he was onto him? Was he also the
> shopkeeper who sold Vanessa her furniture?
> 3) There must have been an EU spy (or perhaps more than one) on the
> ship. Who was it? Trinity? Achille?

I think any of the lower crew would be happy to take money in reutrn for 
gossiping about what goes on shipboard. Otherwise, does the EU have any 
reason to put a "real" spy aboard?

> 6) Lastly, most of Wolfe's narrators are liars in whole or in part.
> Skip seems pretty honest, which I suppose is ironic considering his
> occupation. He tells us his reason for becoming a JAG and opting
> offworld, and it's not wholly unbelievable. As smart as he is, I don't
> think it's the real reason. He's going to be a colonel out there. What
> is his plan?

I'd say Skip is telling the truth about his plans, though his motives 
may be off. He's intending to continue living well thanks to his 
high-rank comission, and has arranged a non-combat role so he can be 
assured of coming back to Chelle when she's gotten her head together. 
He's still assured of some respect from the fighting men and women due 
to his experiences under arms on the ship, and he's not above exploiting 
that, and of course he won't lose his position at work as he explained.

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