(urth) Urth Digest, Vol 73, Issue 42

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 23 06:44:03 PDT 2010

David Stockhoff wrote:

>  Plus, the fact that he "chose to make Urth his capitol" at least opens
> up the possibility that he's from somewhere else, not to mention that
> the source of his powers is still unknown.

Well, you certainly can speak of someone making his native city - or
in this case planet - his capital. And if you're dubious, as I am,
about how many planets he really ruled, you could see this as part of
his boasting.

As for his powers - if he was 'not born at all' (and I don't see why
he would lie about that) his non-birth might have happened on Urth or
elsewhere, and still produced something unusual. Perhaps he ws
generated on Urth from off-Urth genetic material (grown from a bean?).

I'm not particularly committed on this - he must have ruled, at least,
other planets of the solar system, so might well have been born on one
of them. But I don't think we have to posit a distant origin for him,
which would be inconsistent with his plan to 'return humanity to the

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