(urth) Autarchial Embellishments Collected

Ryan Dunn ryan at liftingfaces.com
Tue Sep 7 14:40:40 PDT 2010

I thought it would be a fun exercise, and so I have collected all off the formulaic embellishments various characters have used to refer to the Autarch over the course of The Book of the New Sun, in chronological order. It's worth noting that Jolenta tops the list with five mentions. Here you go...


"The Autarch...

"... whose forbearance knows not walls nor sea."

"... whose every deed is sweeter than honey in the mouths of this honorable guild."

"... whose pores outshine the stars themselves."

"... whose perspiration is the gold of his subjects."

"... may he endure to see the New Sun."

"... whose hands run with gold and whose enemies kiss his heel."
(Innkeep of Saltus)

"... whose thoughts are the music of his subjects."

"... whose name be thrice-blessed balm upon the scorched brows of his slaves.
(Agia posing as Thecla)

"... whose urine is the wine of his subjects."

"... whose dreams are our reality."

"... whose pores outshine the stars themselves."

"... whose justice is the bread of his subjects."

"... whose health is the happiness of his subjects."
(Dr. Talos)

"... [whose] mercy extends from sun to Sun."
(Master Palaemon)


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