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Roy C. Lackey wrote:

What does Chenille being the natural daughter of Tussah have to do
with Silk's reflexes? Silk's biological father was the blue-eyed guy
Silk saw in his vision of Mainframe heaven. Chenille is Silk's sister
only in the sensethat Tussah was both his unacknowledged foster father
and her unacknowledged natural father.

I am assuming not only that Tussah had enhanced Typhon genes, but that
he also had as a family legacy a secret stash of frozen Typhon
embryos. It wouldn't make much sense for him to be sure he would get a
good heir just by rooting around in the underground tunnels and
finding some random embryo from the freezer. He knew he wanted the son
not of his body to be his heir.

As for Chenille, I'm far from convinced that mere possession by Kypris
would make her that good a knife-thrower. It might increase her
confidence, but the raw physical ability had to be there. General Mint
gained confidence through her Kypris possession and became a strong
leader, but it didn't suddenly make her an crack shot with a slug gun
or needler.
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