(urth) Spring Wind

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 10:18:31 PDT 2010

> Consider, say, the way it
> is revealed in the last line of 'Frog' that the Naked One is also
> called Squanto; it leaves you saying 'Where did that come from?'

Well, just a joke from Wolfe, IMO.

Essentially, (so I believe) it is the same as renaming Typhon 
"Mars-Typhon", that is, "Spring Wind", because a scribe thought Mars 
from the Romulus story was the same person as Frog's father *++*
or applying "Juno" and later "June" to his mother for the same reason. 
It shows that the scribes understanding is imperfect and the scribe 
really did not know (or thought he did not know) the name of The Naked 
One. But it does not pervert the authenticity of the story.

*++*  This was a common method of identifying gods from different 
peoples and cults who were recognized as the same entity because they 
patronized similar domains, such as as fertility, poetry, healing, etc. 
Often they described how the other version was different/notable as in 
the Chthonic Zeus, or the Hanging Artimis. But, frequently, they would 
just append the two names together as in Cerigo-Aphrodite.


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