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Good! I was going to ask ...
I like the comparison of Horn to John Carter of Mars. But I only read the first book long ago and have forgotten it. Is there any direction the connection gives us?
Certainly Wolfe must have been in a Burroughs kind of mood for a while there, given all the six-legged creatures. Speaking of which, there is a movie version of John Carter of Mars due out in 2012.
And going on another tangent, I always think of the inhumi as a metaphor for what happens when a writer falls under the influence of another writer: if you read a lot of Melville while you are writing, don't be surprised if it ends up retaining some of the character of Melville.
And Wolfe himself enjoys imitation; he did a great Dunsany pastiche once. He is very conscious, if not self-conscious, of the process of literary digestion and re-creation. It's more than just reference---it's re-working.

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> James Wynn-
> I think we can safely say that the parts that are in the original myths/stories are absolutely historical.
Should be...
"I think we can safely say that the parts that are NOT in the original myths/stories are absolutely historical."
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