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Wed Sep 29 08:39:24 PDT 2010

>Andrew Mason-  It would be interesting to see Merryn's contribution to this discussion.
Yes, if Dorcas and the Cumaean are included in the convesation.
>Merryn- "She has been imbued with a glamour that rendered her beautiful. It is fading fast
>now because of the blood she lost and because she has had a great deal of
>exercise. By morning only traces will remain."

>Dorcas drew back, "Magic, you mean?"

>Merryn- "There is no magic. There is only knowledge, more or less hidden."
>...Dorcas whispered, "But how was this done?"

>Merryn- "There have been substances drawn from the glands of beasts added to her blood, to
>change the pattern in which her flesh was deposited...etc.
>Dorcas asked the Cumaean, "Who was this Apu-Punchau and why is his palace still
>standing when the rest of the town is only tumbled stones?"
>When the old woman did not reply, Merryn said, "Less than a legend, for not even
>scholars now remember his story. The Mother has told us that his name means the
>Head of Day. In the earliest eons he appeared among the people here and taught
>them many wonderful secrets. Often he vanished, but always he returned. At last he
>did not return, and invaders laid waste to his cities. Now he shall return for the
>last time."

>"Indeed. Without magic?"

>The Cumaean looked up at Dorcas with eyes that seemed as bright as the stars.
>"Words are symbols. Merryn chooses to delimit magic as that which does not exist .
>. . and so it does not exist. If you choose to call what we are about to do here
>magic then magic lives while we do it.

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