(urth) note Re: Short Sun blog

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Tue Sep 28 14:10:13 PDT 2010

Jeff Wilson wrote:
> Hello?! The Conciliator?!? Wields the Increate-given power to
> selectively turn back the clock? Jader's sister's illness doesn't
> subside and heal, it's just suddenly gone and she looks as healthy as if
> she had never been ill. Other healing and resurrections are less
> complete, but in their limited extent they remain nigh-instantaneous.

Dorcas is the one who came up with the theory that Sev's powers involved
turning back time to a point before the injury or illness occurred. That
theory is disproved by Sev's refashioning of Herena's withered arm into a
normal arm. Her withered arm was a birth defect; there had never been a time
when the arm had been normal. That power, and the power to bring the dead
back to life, was a supernatural power.


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