(urth) note Re: Short Sun blog

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Tue Sep 28 12:29:16 PDT 2010

> I think I'll disagree with your premise that speeding up biological
> processes up the point of
> appearing instantaneous transforms them out of the realm of biology. There
> are many examples
> in the animal kingdom of behavior so rapid and instantaneous it seems
> magical until slowed by
> photography (bombadier beetles, bumble bee wings and cuttlefish color
> patterns come to mind).

> [I think cuttlefish pattern changes are amazing. This video shows an
> instantaneous switch from
> the strobing used to confuse prey to the camouflage used to hide from
> predators]

Their chromatophores are quick, but not so quick they transcend entropy
and conservation of mass-energy, unlike Jader's sister and Tzadkiel.
Unless the fingerling was only hidden in the finger, pre-transformed,
which is a possibility.

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