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On 9/27/2010 11:19 AM, Nicholas Jost wrote:
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> Typhon's resurrection by Severian is not reasonably believable as a
> biological process, and I certainly did not casually accept it as one
> when I first read the books, or the third time. But it is just as
> believable as the result of Severian's time-bending superpowers as any
> other resurrection in the books.
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> Why is it always assumed that Severian brought him back? There
> is none of the mythic special effects around his contact with Typhon.

There don't need to be, any more than when Dorcas or Triskele revived.

> However, there is a blood sacrifice and associated special effects
> when Little Sev dies. On my reading I always assumed that the
> "magic" ring sucked down Little Sev's soul and used it to power
> the monster Typhon.

Were you reading the book manga-style? Typhon is already up and around 
and watching when Little Severian is incinerated.

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