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From: Jeff Wilson <jwilson at io.com>

Typhon's resurrection by Severian is not reasonably believable as a 
biological process, and I certainly did not casually accept it as one 
when I first read the books, or the third time. But it is just as 
believable as the result of Severian's time-bending superpowers as any 
other resurrection in the books.

Why is it always assumed that Severian brought him back?  There
is none of the mythic special effects around his contact with Typhon.
However, there is a blood sacrifice and associated special effects
when Little Sev dies.  On my reading I always assumed that the
"magic" ring sucked down Little Sev's soul and used it to power
the monster Typhon.  Its not like we don't have soul sucking
monsters in these stories with meta-physic complications
running around.  Little Sev dies and Typhoon rises.  The 
dragon done ate 'im.

Nicholas Jost

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