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  If he was born on Urth, and had to conquer Urth, that would tend to 
rule out any previous association with the existing empire, either for 
him or for Urth. But it's still possible.

Another angle is that, in a novel filled with backstory and plots 
revolving around an Epitome of Urth, it might be thematically consistent 
to assume Typhon was Urthly and was at the time the "best" of Urth.

If he did not directly inherit the star empire, and Urth did not come 
with it, then either (a) he joined and brought the empire to Urth or (b) 
he conquered Urth himself (consistent with Mamelta) and then went on to 
the other planets. I admit "b" is more surprising. than

On 9/27/2010 8:23 AM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
> From: "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey at stic.net>
>> Same here. There is no direct proof that Typhon's home world was not 
>> Urth,
>> but there is an indirect indication. If you accept that Typhon ruled 
>> some
>> number of worlds outside the Red Sun solar system -- which proposition I
>> find compelling -- then it is not likely that he began his career on 
>> Urth.
>> Kypris (in Chenille) said of him, "And he came to rule the 
>> whole--whorl. Our
>> whorl, bigger than this. So fast. All in a few years. No one could 
>> believe
>> it." (LAKE, chap. 4, p- 91) Mamelta, surely, was born on Urth, so the 
>> our
>> "whorl" Typhon conquered in a few years was Urth, and he came from 
>> somewhere
>> else to do it.
> Why could he not have come to rule it having been born on it?  It may 
> seem implausible to you, but Mamelta has already pointed out that it 
> seemed implausible to everyone!
> - Gerry Quinn
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