(urth) what is an autarch?

Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Mon Sep 27 05:21:45 PDT 2010

From: "Jeff Wilson" <jwilson at io.com>

> He also says that the huge volume and jumble of memories are the 
> obstacles to his direct recollection, and he has to search for the 
> desired ones among the great pile. This means he would constantly be 
> coming across other memories along the way, and he is able to attribute 
> them to various sorts of people that he mentions include children and 
> peasant wives and scholars. He apparently comes across some memories 
> that seem to be older than those of Ymar - any memory of utterly 
> uncarved mountains, for instance, and this is from his perspective in 
> URTH, after being in the confidence of Inire the analeptic supplier for 
> a decade.

Didn't that 'memory' of uncarved moutains come from old photographs?  

- Gerry Quinn

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