(urth) what is an autarch? (was: Re: Autarchs)

Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Mon Sep 27 05:18:35 PDT 2010

From: Jane Delawney 
  I submit that save in the case of Ymar, who was the first, the distinction is precisely in the ingestion of the memories of the predecessor. Ymar, it is quite clear, did not perform the alzabo ritual upon his predecessor Typhon. There's no question about this; it simply didn't happen. How do we know for sure? Well - when Sev finds Typhon's dessicated and then resurrected body, it has two heads, and they are both intact. Nobody has taken an oyster-knife to Typhon's skull; nor to Piaton's for that matter. 

We're probably not meant to think too deeply about the implications of the Vodalus method, which seems to work quite well even though no brain need be ingested.  Nobody mentions it, but shouldn't it be possible to obtain the memories of the living in the same fashion, by cutting away and eating some less essential tissue (something the size of a finger joint is apparently enough).  It would be useful for conducting interrogations, if nothing else...

- Gerry Quinn
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