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David Stockhoff dstockhoff at verizon.net
Mon Sep 27 04:48:06 PDT 2010

  Actually, the assumption that at least most life in the NS/LS/SS 
universe has the same biochemistry. The inhumi feed on both humans and 
Neighbors, for example. And then you have the alzabo.

Copper-based life seems to prove the rule by not existing here.

However, seamless transplantation does go too far.

On 9/26/2010 8:56 PM, Jane Delawney wrote:
> On 26/09/10 12:10, Lee Berman wrote:
>> All these fantastic biological processes are casually accepted yet a slight
>> protein readjustment in the histamines of a human-appearing alien by the best
>> doctors of an interplanetary empire to suppress organ rejection is deemed
>> impossible?
> Not impossible; just very very improbable :)
> Unless it is to be believed that all lifeforms everywhere in the 
> universe share a common biochemistry, it's about as believable that an 
> alien Typhon would be able to receive human organs (or body parts, 
> whatever) as it is that a human woman would be able to bear the child 
> of an alien being with copper-based blood, as occurs in that well 
> known /fantasy/ series Star Trek.
> I'd have no objection at all to the notion if Typhon were alleged to 
> be an individual of human bloodstock who happened to have been born 
> off world - but that does not seem to be the hypothesis under discussion.
> jd

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