(urth) note Re: Short Sun blog

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Sun Sep 26 23:59:08 PDT 2010

Jeff Wilson quoted and wrote:
> On 9/26/2010 7:56 PM, Jane Delawney wrote:
> > I'd have no objection at all to the notion if Typhon were alleged to be
> > an individual of human bloodstock who happened to have been born off
> > world - but that does not seem to be the hypothesis under discussion.
> I've always thought that was the case.

Same here. There is no direct proof that Typhon's home world was not Urth,
but there is an indirect indication. If you accept that Typhon ruled some
number of worlds outside the Red Sun solar system -- which proposition I
find compelling -- then it is not likely that he began his career on Urth.
Kypris (in Chenille) said of him, "And he came to rule the whole--whorl. Our
whorl, bigger than this. So fast. All in a few years. No one could believe
it." (LAKE, chap. 4, p- 91) Mamelta, surely, was born on Urth, so the our
"whorl" Typhon conquered in a few years was Urth, and he came from somewhere
else to do it.


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