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Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 26 04:10:01 PDT 2010

>Jane Delawney: On this point only then (Typhon's possible nonhuman origin) -  
>the transfers/transplants mentioned in this post (Jeff's, the one quoted) 
>are all within the human species. In other words, these examples all 
>support my point and in fact if anything tell /against/ the notion that 
>Typhon might be of unUrthly origin.
In Typhon we see a dried out, thousand year old human body, cells destroyed
proteins degraded, somehow able to come to life, rehydrate, re-establish neural
connections, organ integration etc. all within hours. In Tzadkiel we see the
cells of a finger manage to re-organize themselves into heart, lung, brain,
liver and bone cells and become a fully organized and integrated person within 
seconds. We have man-apes and dogmen and lord knows what else going on in the 
oceans and Baldanders labs and the witches tower.
All these fantastic biological processes are casually accepted yet a slight
protein readjustment in the histamines of a human-appearing alien by the best
doctors of an interplanetary empire to suppress organ rejection is deemed 
I have to guess that Typhon-as-alien-in-origin just doesn't feel right to some 
people.  In my view, such a feeling is sufficent to reject it as a working 
concept.  No need for post hoc biological or other sorts of objections, especially
those from outside the text. It works for my view of BotNS but it isn't meant as a 
foreign contaminant or monkey wrench in the working interpretations of others. 		 	   		  

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