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Jane Delawney jane_delawney at sky.com
Sat Sep 25 16:21:29 PDT 2010

On 23/09/10 23:29, Jeff Wilson wrote:
> On 9/23/2010 4:34 PM, Mr Thalassocrat wrote:
>> Hang on - I'm pretty sure that it says somewhere that Typhon was the
>> *first* to carve a mountain, and that the *Autarchs* continued the silly
>> practice. No?
> Typhon is the first to carve his face into the western Andes, at 
> least. The Autarchs that follow do likewise, but there semms also to 
> be a succession of Autarchs before Typhon, or at least a succession of 
> people whose minds are inherited by the post-Typhon succession. URTH, 
> XLI: "and I began, as I walked on, to search those veiled lives that 
> lie behind the last, memories that I have scarcely mentioned in this 
> narrative, that dim as they grow stranger and stretch backward, 
> perhaps, to Ymar, and behind Ymar to the Age of Myth."
Surely the operative word here is *'perhaps'*?


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