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Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Fri Sep 24 07:14:39 PDT 2010

From: "Jeff Wilson" <jwilson at io.com>
> Typhon's assertion that he has sent his thought into far places, 
> still-functional machinery at the site, his knowledge of the state of 
> current monstrous affairs, and Severian's overhearing him moving about but 
> not speaking  suggests to me that he can mentally assert control over 
> machines in his presence as well, and gathers this intelligence from the 
> remaining communications gear at the mountain fortress and such distant 
> mechanized stations as still operate after centuries of neglect, like the 
> voices in the uppermost floor or the Matachine tower.

I always thought of him as juist having a very dominant personality, and 
using technology to get the information. Indeed, doesn't he claim himself 
that his power over people is associated with them recognising his face? 
This doesn't suggest psychic powers, though of course it doesn't rule them 
out either.

As for trying to make Severian swear fealty, doesn't this tie in with 
Severian's thoughts about Vodalus's coin very early in the story?  There is 
power in oaths even if the swearer does not fully intend to keep them.

- Gerry Quinn

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