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You're right---but his place in a chain of Monarchs doesn't mean he didn't make himself Monarch by brute force. 
Monarchs do not always inherit, and their territories can change dramatically---greater or smaller---while their titles grow ever longer. Again, the Romans and Byzantines are a model.

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> I has assumed that Typhon created the Empire - that seems to be
> Cyriaca's view (or that he tried to); that the ruler she's talking
> about is Typhon is supported by his bringing the books to the Citadel,
> which is explicitly ascribed to Typhon in _Urth_.


Typhon is the _last_ Monarch. That there were more than one is
evidenced by the chain of mountains carved into the likenesses of
Monarchs; that he is the last is evidenced by his being succeeded by
the first Autarch.

Ergo, I don't believe he built the Empire.

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