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Thu Sep 23 06:28:29 PDT 2010

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> I think that the tale can be wholly explained in terms of stories that
> exist now - Romulus and Remus and Mowgli being the main sources, with
> secondary ones including Moses, the Pilgrim Fathers, and a story I'm
> sure I've heard, though I'm not sure where, about a virgin who became
> a mother with the help of a flower.

The excellent story 'Messenger' in Issue 47 of the online Clarkesworld 
magazine -
 http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/ (click on 'Back Issues'; you may have to 
sign up, but it's free and the stories are of high quality) - features a 
girl who becomes pregnant with the help of a thistle.  I've an idea I've 
heard of the concept elsewhere too.

Incidentally, Issue 23 has an interview with Gene Wolfe, in case some of you 
have not read it (I only came across it yesterday myself).

- Gerry Quinn

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