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James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 03:20:48 PDT 2010

> Gerry Quinn-
> I don't see anything in that story to suggest that Spring Wind was 
> Typhon.  It does appear that Spring Wind is extraterrestrial.  He 
> fought on Urth, and sometimes his armies caused devastation among 
> humankind (and food for wolves), at least locally.  But in the long 
> history of Urth there must have been many such.  Where is the 
> indication that Spring Wind conquered or ruled the planet?  What 
> characteristics, other than his being a reasonably dominant 
> warrior/leader, and some doubtful etymology, induce you to associate 
> him with Typhon?

I think the etymology is not dubious at all. To me, it's a fairly overt 
reference. Not at all subtle. It's analogous to, say, having a story in 
the Brown book that refers to a black cloaked figure named The One Who 

Demanding more evidence than this from a story that didn't even overtly 
identify Severian as the Conciliator or the New Sun seems to be 
demanding something one would never expect to get.


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