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Thu Sep 23 01:58:51 PDT 2010

> Roy C. Lackey-
> The list of characters in RTTW says Typhon was "the ancient tyrant whose
> personality became PAS". Whatever rehabilitation of character he*may*  have
> undergone in Mainframe as Pas has no bearing on the*fact*  that he was an
> egotistical tyrant when he was scanned and when he conceived, constructed,
> stocked and launched his "message from himself to the universe".

I'm not convinced he was rehabilitated at all. I have heard Wolfe say 
repeatedly that the best villain is someone who falls just short of 
being a hero. I think Pas is Wolfe's alternate take on Typhon. 
Severian's experience with Typhon is one POV. But Severian as The 
Destroyer of Urth was the POV of the sailors on the Time ship.

Another take on Typhon IMO is William Ries. Refer to Gideon Chase's view 
on Evil.

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