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> Andrew Mason -
> Typhon: first, can someone point me to the evidence that he was not
> born/raised on Urth? I'm not sure what the source for this is.

For me, it is based on the story of "Spring Wind". I was rather 
surprised to discover that it was at all controversial that "Spring 
Wind" referred to Typhon. But I suppose there is little about these 
stories that is not controversial. If it seems reasonable to you that 
Spring Wind = Typhon, then the obvious implication is that he is 
extra-terrestrial :

Sword of the Lictor, Chapter 19
"*On a mountain top beyond the shores of Urth* there once lived a lovely 
named Early Summer. She was the queen of that land, but her king was a 
unforgiving man, and because she was jealous of him he was jealous of her in
turn, and killed any man he believed to be her lover.
One day Early Summer was walking in her garden when she saw a most beautiful
blossom of a kind wholly new to her. It was redder than any rose and more
sweetly perfumed, but its strong stalk was thornless and smooth as 
ivory. She
plucked it and carried it to a secluded spot, and as she reclined there
contemplating it, it grew to seem to her no blossom at all but such a 
lover as
she had longed for, powerful and yet as tender as a kiss. Certain of the 
of the plant entered her and she conceived. She told the king, however, 
that the
child was his, and since she was well guarded, he believed her.
It was a boy, and by his mother's wish he was called *Spring Wind*. [snip]
Now it happened that the chances of war often brought Spring Wind to 
Urth, and
there he came to know of two brothers who were kings.
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