(urth) Short Sun blog review

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Wed Sep 22 12:08:53 PDT 2010

James Wynn wrote:
>Let's try a different analogy. Do the governments of Pakistan and Iran
need to use a nuclear weapon for their nuclear weapon projects to
inspire patriotism?<

>Imagine footage of the construction of Whorl...the carving of the
asteroid, the building of the cities, the prospect of sending thousands
of Urthlings to a distant planet that could be freely portrayed as a
fertile Eden, a lucrative opportunity, and a Land of Adventure.<

If that were the scenario, then people should have been clamoring to go.
Mamelta said: "We had to volunteer. They were--you couldn't say no." (LAKE,
chap. 9,  251)

> The
actual landing of the colonists was almost irrelevant. What mattered
was the huge propagandist art based on the construction project and the
/aspirations/ of its purpose. The Whorl would be a monument...the Hoover
Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Mt. Rushmore to the third power. It
would definitely capture the imagination of the masses and *portray
Typhon's rule as one of affluence, technology, and limitless power*.<

There isn't the least suggestion in the Urth Cycle that the Whorl project
even existed, not even when Severian was there while Typhon was still alive.
If there had been a massive propaganda campaign to promote the project, it
was a monumental failure.

I realize that the lack of evidence for a propaganda campaign in the Urth
Cycle doen't prove anything, but neither does your supposition of such a
campaign prove that it existed.


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