(urth) Short Sun blog review

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 08:20:24 PDT 2010

James Wynn wrote (22-09-2010 16:04):
> Roy-
>> Lemur said: "A certain ruler, a man who had the strength to rule alone
>> and so called himself the monarch, built our whorl, Patera. It was to
>> be a message from himself to the universe." (LAKE, 298)
>> The people on Urth would never see the _Whorl_, never receive the
>> message.
> Isn't this like saying that the Apollo lunar missions would never be
> seen by Americans or Soviets or the other nations it was intended to
> impress? It certainly isn't true for the Apollo missions. Why would it
> necessarily be so for the Whorl mission?

The Apollo missions wouldn't be as impressive if they hadn't really been
shown to reach the moon. The landings on Blue/Green weren't televised back
to Urth.

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