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Thu Sep 16 14:51:50 PDT 2010

>     Roy-
>     Now to the third sentence of the Tartaros quote. After being made
>     to forget
>     how to worship properly, complete with sacrifices, when the first
>     people saw
>     the altars set up in the cities that had been built for them, they
>     went back
>     to worshipping as they had been taught, complete with sacrifices.
>     What had
>     changed?
> Mr Thalassocrat wrote-
> Well, the worship they had been taught in the "orientation area", 
> which had been attached to their deep memories of Typhon et al & so 
> survived the wipe.

Something a little remarkable is implied here, I think. Had Typhon had 
his druthers --Lemur believes-- the colonists would have had no memory 
of him or his family. The system of gods ruling the Cargo on the Whorl 
is a workaround. "They will remember us no matter what we do, so we will 
distort their memory of us". This is contrary to our typical view of 
Typhon's egotism. Perhaps, if they remembered the Typhons, they would 
remember the rest of their lives on Urth and their lot aboard the Whorl. 
Perhaps, the concern was that if they retained their memories, then they 
not be content to remain as cargo and join forces to take over the ship. 
Keep them confused so they could be controlled.


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