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> If memories
> of Typhon and his family were too deeply entrenched in the minds of people
> put aboard the _Whorl_ to be eliminated, how could/would they have
> initially
> manifested themselves in a monotheistic religion like Islam? Either the
> memories of the Nine were there on Day One or they weren't.
On my hypothesis, the Triv culture on the Whorl was an artificial construct,
so Islam needn't figure into at all. (Hopefully I'm not missing the point

As to how the Whorl-dwellers were "converted", it's worth recalling Auk's
meeting with Tartaros in the tunnels (Calde Ch.6). It happens at the "oldest
altar", of which Tartaros says: "When the first people came here, Auk, they
were shown how we desired to be worshipped. Soon, they were made to forget.
They did, but because they had seen what they had seeen, a part of them
remebered, and when they found our altars on the inner surface, they
sacrificed as we had taught them. First of all, here."
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