(urth) The face of Pas

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Tue Sep 14 21:42:02 PDT 2010

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:
> I agree about Greek, and don't know much about Etruscan stuff, but
> take it from a Catholic: the rituals and forms of the Chapter are dead
> on parodies of Catholic forms and rituals.

Sure, it's easy to see that the religion of Viron is a parody of
Catholicism. It it also easy to see how a parody could be made in a
Hindu-based city like the one Gaon must have been based on. It is not so
easy to see it in an Islam-based city like Trivigaunte. Lemur said that
Viron's religion was a parody of the state religion on Urth, but that says
nothing about the other couple-hundred cities on the _Whorl_. But what he
said about Typhon and his family being deeply entrenched in the minds of
people put aboard the ship does apply to all the other cities.

Though the religion in Trivigaunte in Silk's day may have degenerated so far
as to be all but beyond recognition, it cannot have been that way on Day
One. What to do with 9+ gods in such a monotheistic religion? Did all the
other gods just agree to step aside and let Sphigx have her way?


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