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  Okay. It's beside the point here. But as I say, it was a good point at 
the time.


On 9/13/2010 2:39 PM, Roy C. Lackey wrote:
> James Wynn quoted and wrote:
>>    On 9/3/2010 12:28 AM, Dave Tallman wrote:
>>> I've been looking around in CofLS and EftLS and I have yet to find any
>>> reference to Hyacinth's weight being unusually low. I seem to have
>>> exhausted all the times Silk and Hy were together. Does anyone know
>>> where to find these?
>> I'm back and released from my imprisonment. I also had trouble
>> relocating these references by normal hunt and peck methods.  I've
>> started another pass through the books. But I'm quite certain they were
>> referenced. Back in the day when I was arguing that Hy might be a chem,
>> I conceded that weight was a hurtful blow because it had been referenced
>> about her at least twice.
> I don't presume to know what you were thinking then or now, but since it was
> I who brought up the weight issue back then, I do know what I was thinking
> and what I said. It had nothing to do with Hy's weight being unusually low;
> it was that chems, particularly the males (you were saying that Hy was a
> male chem), weigh much more than humans. Even a fem chem weighs more than
> human women.
> This is indicated a couple times. One is in the wake of Rose's funeral.
> Marble had killed Musk and overheated in the fire and collapsed. Later, Silk
> helped her to stand up but had to  heave "with all his strength" to do it.
> He helped her to the arbor near the manse and the Rose in her started
> talking about giving birth to Blood. At one point he said "I would have
> carried you, Maytera, if I could; but I knew you'd be too heavy for me to
> lift." (CALDE, chap. 4, 131)
> Another place is when Mint (shortly after getting out of the tunnels) and
> Marble were reunited near the Grand Manteion. "Maytera Mint was laughing and
> hugging her and trying to lift her off the ground, which was so ridiculous
> that Maytera Marble exclaimed, 'Stop, sib, before you hurt yourself!'"
> (EXODUS, chap. 11, 215)
> -Roy
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